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Was it going to be easy?

Was it going to be easy? No

Was Bitcoin going to win the race without blood on the Market? No

Last week during the  second Bitcoin and Crypto Market crash in 2018, I spent time away from the market trying to avoid to panic and end up selling. A friend of mine on whats-app recommended a documentary for me to watch, the documentary was called the Men who built America. Wow this six hour long documentary was so interesting and very inspiring to learn how all we have now has been discovered. My favorite part is when Thomas Edison brought the direct electricity with a bulb, this invention got JP Morgan investing on it and becoming the first person in the world to have electricity at his home.

As the roll out of this invention start to make it’s way to thousands of American Houses, One man was not happy. Mr JD Rockeller was the producer of Kerosene used to provide light at night, but now electricity was disrupting his business he was left no choice but to smear electricity so people could fear using it.

The second part i liked on this documentary was when my idol Mr Nikola Tesla launched his own version of electricity and called it the alternative current. Mr Edison never thought alternating current will work, so he never regarded Mr Tesla as competition. As Tesla get popular with his invention, Mr JP Morgan was panicking because of the new competition he was never ready to deal with. He told Mr Edison to do what ever it takes to deal with Mr Tesla’s alternating current. Edison  had no choice he staredt to write negative articles regarding the Tesla’s invention. So in today’s language we would say Mr Edison was spreading FUD(fear uncertainty and doubts).

Now what I learnt from this documentary is that whoever feels his wealth is been threaten, he will use media to spread FUD. As the saying goes who controls your narrative control you. So Bitcoin is the revolution, it is a threat to the Central Bank System. The central bank may not just allow it to win because they know they will lose the power.

As an investor in cryptocurrency my primary reason to invest on   was to be part of the revolution. This crash may not be the last one to occur but we my resilient enough comrades, to make that Bitcoin and other decentralized currencies will win. Was it going to be easy?

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