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The Best Bitcoin Education Conversation of 2017

::::::::::: Nocoiner and Bitcoiner in the same WHATSAPP Group ::::::::

Nocoiner: Good morning. Took your number on Facebook I’m actually interested in bitcoin please explain to me what it’s about because I’m more interested

Bitcoiner: Good morning. Thank you for reaching out. I’m Sam. What’s your name?

Nocoiner: ‘Alice’

Bitcoiner: Bitcoin is a new way of storing value for long time like buying Gold.

It’s also a currency like Rand or Dollar but not in paper. You can obtain it by buying it with Rand. As the value of Bitcoin increases the value of your Rand increases.

Bitcoin is electronic money like Email is electronic message. You can send and receive Bitcoin. The difference is when you send Bitcoin, you can’t retain a copy like email.

I should say, Bitcoin is better explained one on one or in a group hence an education seminar.

Nocoiner: I’m so interested and I’m definitely gonna be there. Need to learn more about this.

Bitcoiner: Let me also say, NEVER give your money to anyone to invest on your behalf. NEVER!

It’s very very easy when understood. Just the way you are able to send and receive email today without being assisted.

Nocoiner: I need to attend that seminar.

Bitcoiner: You may share the link below to invite others that are interested too. Especially entrepreneurs with running business. We want to enlighten them on how to position their businesses to accept Bitcoin like they accept Rand.

You may buy your ticket here: Bitcoin Value Chain Seminar

Nocoiner: Thank you so much.

Bitcoiner: Thank you for your interest ‘Alice’.

Disclosure: Nocoiner is called ‘Alice’ to protect her identity.

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