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Launching Cryptocurrency in Space

They say sharing is caring, I have recently attended Connect X webinar where their discussing their plans about their company.

Connect X is a cryptocurrency company that is launching a network of small satellites to store financial information and perform large transactions which eliminates the use of the Internet. I want to share this insightful webinar with many people as much as possible and by posting this message to your social media friends, you will receive 25 Digital Tokens. People that sign up for our webinar will receive 25 Digital Tokens for attending the webinar.

Here is what you expect to learn:

  • The current states of ERC 20 ICOsThe advatages of private network satellites as it relates to the blockchain.
  • Learn everything you need to know about the Blockchain and alternative technologies without spending months or years of research.
  • A detailed look at Initial Coin Offerings so you don’t make the mistake of purchasing a digital currency that will lose your money.
  • You will be exposed to the future of the Blockchain allowing you to be ahead of everyone else. Uncover all the industries the Blockchain will effect. The innovation is happening extremely fast. We have done all the research for you.
  • Data Security and Digital Currency Wallet: If you lose your digital wallet, your money is gone.How do you secure trillions of dollars in financial transactions? Learn how this will be done on the webinar.
  • Learn more about their Power stations and hubs
  • More Rewards You will get an opportunity to win one of the hubs valued at $300. You can not afford to miss this webinar.

You can register here to attend…

Watch the video below:

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