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About Us

About Bitcoin Value Chain

The Bitcoin Value Chain is intended for businesses who sell products or provide services in the crypto and non-crypto industries. This is not limited to businesses that are accepting Bitcoin as mode of payment.

What is Bitcoin?
What if there’s a technological advancement so powerful that it transforms the very basic pillars of our society, a technology which fundamentally influences the way that our economy, governance systems and businesses function and could change our conceptual understanding of trade ownership and trust.

This technology already exists and it’s called cryptocurrency. People often think of Bitcoin as the only virtual money or a transaction system but if you look closer you’ll see that the monetary aspect is just the tip of the iceberg. Bitcoin is a groundbreaking internet technology for which money is merely one of the possible applications.

Money exists to facilitate trade through the centuries, trade has become incredibly complex and everyone trades with everyone worldwide. Trade is recorded in bookkeeping and this information is often isolated and closed to the public, for this reason we use third parties and middlemen we trust to facilitate and approve our transactions.

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